How can I show a secondary feed instead of the main feed?

With our Pro plan you can add 3 feeds to your store, while with Plus you can add unlimited feeds.

To add a secondary feed instead of your main feed to you store’s homepage, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Shopify > Apps > Instafeed / Instagram Feed configuration page. Select the feed you want to add, then copy the code shown in the grey box above "Preview".

  1. Go to Online store > Themes > Customize > Add section > Apps > Instafeed App. Paste the code for that feed under the “Custom Code” area within the Instafeed section.

To show a secondary feed on any other page, follow the steps above, but add the Instafeed app as a section in the page you want (Check our guide on how to show multiple feeds on different pages).

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